Our Gang tickets are reserved seating “best available” at the time of your purchase. Since Our Gang Players performs in many different venues, we are unable to offer specific seating selections like you may have experienced at other ticket websites. Artistic Director Sherry Schnepp personally oversees each set of tickets and takes into account requests you send with your purchase information. (Don’t want to buy online? You can also download our Order Form and mail it in with your payment.)

Question: When/How will I receive my tickets?

Answer: Tickets will either be shipped to you or held at the door, depending on what you selected. If you order a week
before the show, they will only be held at the door. To discuss the status of your order, please call Sherry Schnepp at

Question: Can I pick my seats?

Answer: Our Gang Players' performs in a variety of venues, therefore you cannot pick your seats when ordering online. Artistic Director Sherry Schnepp always makes sure everyone has the best seats possible, and if you'd like to request specific seating arrangements, please contact her at 609-597-0553 or ogmamma@comcast.net. She is happy to help you!

Question: I require specific accommodation / I would like to request specific seats

Answer: Please contact Sherry Schnepp at 609-597-0553 or ogmamma@comcast.net. She personally oversees ticket
sales and will be happy to help you!

Question: How can I purchase a senior/student ticket or a junior ticket?

Answer: Click on the show you want to attend in the form above, and you will be given the option to choose a ticket type.

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